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  • Social Listening – Why is it important for your business?

    As individuals, we might or might not be social media driven. Twitter may feel like a waste of time, latest filters on Instagram and Snapchat are alien concepts and Facebook may have run its course in your life.

    But when we think of a brand, be it ourselves in the capacity of social influencers or a product/service selling brand, social media today is the key tool. From grabbing the attention of potential customers, promoting the latest creative; for that matter, even solving doubts and grievances of your existing customers, social media is a very important weapon in your arsenal.

    Yet, with multiple portals providing different tools, how do you keep a track of who’s talking about your brand? Good, bad, neutral; everything that’s being said about you, should be in your knowledge. But the question remains: HOW?

    Social Media Listening shows you real-time data of what is being said about you, without you having to go on individual platforms and searching for your name or product. A one-stop monitoring of all your social media pages, it gives you precise data of the mention of your brand, as it’s happening. Further analysis of the trends that have been set off by your metrics also are a click (or maybe a few clicks) away.

    Here’s why social listening is a MUST-HAVE for your business:


    You can find out how your business is perceived by your audience, as compared to your competitors. The stats can also be converted into reports that inform the clients, investors, for that matter, your own team of how and how much is your brand impacting your customers.

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    2. TIME – SAVING

    Brand tracking is easier as it helps you monitor multiple portals through one platform, saving time and the extra effort of going to each social media account separately.

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    Getting that real-time data is vital for your business. Paying attention to not just where you’re tagged but also everything that’s mentioned about you, so you don’t have a FOMO moment when it comes to your brand.

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    Having this information in hand also helps your marketing and sales team to plan their strategy. You can take notes of things that worked or did not work and accordingly move ahead with your plans.

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    Word of mouth is the best way to grow your business. Through social listening, you can find the people who are advocating your brand and can reach out to them to help push your business further. These could be either your customers or an influencer.

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    As social media is a real-time industry, being conscious and aware all the time is important for your business success. With social listening, you can be on top of things and take your brand to a new level!