Influencer Strategy:

Keep it classy. No one likes a brand that is too pushy and desperate-seeming. That’s why we bank on our chain of thought leaders across key industries to do the influencing on your behalf. Why reinvent the wheel when you can piggyback off someone else’s loyal network to grow your own consumer base? Let us put together the perfect influencer strategy for you.


Influencer marketing doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet if planned properly. We come up with concepts that make influencers want to team up with you in the most cost-effective win-win manner possible.

Machine Learning

Technology exists for a reason – to make business decisions simpler. We use machine learning to find the perfect influencers for your brand to maximize ROI. Every penny you invest should be put to good use and be in line with your key goals and objectives.

Deep Data Analytics

Influencers are a distribution channel in the larger scheme of things. This is why analytics matter in gauging whether a particular influencer is doing the right amount of influencing for you.


We know exactly how to connect your brand with influencers in a manner that successfully appeals to them. Our communication skills will help you join forces with thought leaders you might not be able to reach out to otherwise.


Planning. Strategy development. Communication. Executing ideas. Monitoring results. You name it! We are as thorough as possible throughout the entire process.

Campaign Design

Once an influencer hops on board, we design a campaign with them that meets your objectives. And, we make sure each campaign also retains the brand guidelines of all parties involved.

Our skills:

Seeing through the noise 0 %

Networking 0 %

Creativity 0 %

Bold Ideas 0 %

Analytical Decision Making 0 %

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