Artificial Intelligence And Digital Marketing

  • How AI Is Impacting Digital Marketing

    According to a survey by MeMSQL, 61% of marketing professionals said machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) will be the most important data initiatives. Likewise, in a 2018 survey by Salesforce, 51% marketers indicated they were already using AI, and 27% more are planning on incorporating it this year. So, why exactly is AI the hottest thing in the world of digital marketing right now? Here are six ways in which AI is impacting the digital marketing space, beyond reducing the elements of human error and bias –

    1. AI Improves & Personalizes User Experience

    AI can help improve user experience at multiple levels. Not only does it provide you insight regarding how customers interact with your Website (and, where the roadblocks in design, navigation and content are), it also takes personalization to a whole other level. In fact, a 2017 survey by Evergage indicates 33% marketers have been using AI to provide personalized Web experiences and that 63% saw increased conversion rates and better consumer experience. AI tools, like Grid, empower you to offer different users different Website experiences based on information they provide – images, text, offers and call-to-actions can all be relevant as per who has logged on.

    2. AI Improves Sales & Security

    AI not only predicts buyer behavior and personas, it can also help with security issues to make online transactions safer for consumers. Most importantly, AI helps forecast future market trends, that could impact your sales – it enables you to plan and tweak your sales cycle more effectively.

    3. AI Improves Ads

    AI can predict user behavior accurately based on user data it collects and analyzes. Hence, it helps you create ads in-line with your audience’s needs and preferences.

    4. AI Improves Content

    Forbes. The Associated Press. The New York Times. The Washington Post. BBC. Reuters. Top news agencies are using AI technology to create news that draws more hits. Tools like Quill, Wordsmith and Articoolo all get the job done really well.

    5. AI Improves Content Marketing

    Based on audience information on-file, AI helps you offer audiences better recommendations for content – Amazon and Netflix are pros at this! Many brands even use AI to personalize drip email campaigns that push content, products and services on the right day, at the right time and appropriate frequency, with subject lines that are actually relevant. Since research indicates consumers are 43% more likely to purchase products from companies that hyper-personalized their content marketing, this is a huge value-add from AI.

    6. AI Improves Customer Service

    Chatbots have made it easier to transform the customer service process – they can answer questions 24/7, retain data, always maintain a friendly tone, respond to multiple customers at the same time and do away with any wait-time. Brands like Sephora have been using chatbots for a while, and many official Facebook pages also use a modified version of this tool.

    Are you blown away by the number of ways in which AI is transforming digital marketing? It’ll be interesting to see how AI continues to refine marketing processes as more tools become available in the market in the years to come. Contact us here for more information.

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