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  • Graphic Design Trends to watch out for 2019

    Art is a very wide concept. There is hardly any wrong and ‘a lot of right’ in it. This mantra also tends to spill in world of digital art, more specifically towards designing. The way colours and strokes vary in different eras, graphic design too has trends that change, every few months.

    In 2018, the world of designing creeped slowly towards the bold areas of experimentation. Brighter colours and elements of surprise was brought in, to pop the mundane pictures and videos we see on the internet. Where some people may say that designers are pushing the envelope too far, visionary clients and perceptive customers started to appreciate the bold steps taken by the graphic designers of our age.

    Design gurus are predicting that 2019 may see experimentation go further, especially in terms of wacky yet creative concepts.

    Listed below are 3 designs that we see ‘trending’ in the coming year.

    Wave effect

    ‘The wave’ that started this year, is looking to carry on its rage to next year as well. Wave effect in simple terms is the creative distortion or disturbance in the picture (frame & object), that will immediately capture the attention and the interest of your clients and customers alike.

    via merehead.com

    Double light

    Have you seen a popular song lately, where your favourite singer was surrounded by 2 different colour lights? That is the imagination of your (behind-the-scene) designer coming to live. The double light effect is when you see shadowing or lighting in two colours, around the object, making the screen come alive.

    via jakehicksphotography.com

    Double exposure

    A design idea that sparks not just your visual stimulations, but also your mind, double exposure is a design that excited the designer and the person viewing it, alike. With an outline in the backdrop of a bigger picture, what steals your attention and interest is the imagery created in the framework. It is your perfect design to convey, ‘a picture can tell a million stories’.

    via digitalartsonline.co.uk

    These are the trends which made an impact in the past few months but will also go on to create ripples in the designing world in 2019.