Social Media Mistakes

  • Is Your Brand Making These Social Media Mistakes?

    Yes, making mistakes is a part of human nature. However, making mistakes on your company’s social media channels is unacceptable because it can either have tremendous negative impact on your brand’s image and result in poor ROI. Here are 8 social media blunders to steer clear of –

    1. Underestimating Social Media’s Potential

    If you think social media is only a marketing tool, think again. It can also impact sales by connecting you to prospective customers and finding opportunities to educate them about your products/services. Social media can even act as a customer service tool – you can address customer inquires and negative feedback in real-time. And, social media can offer HR support – your job postings will reach a wider network, giving you a larger pool of potential recruits to choose from.

    2. Failing To Plan Properly

    Invest time to conduct a social media audit, monitor competitors’ SM handles, build a proper editorial calendar and develop list of hashtags. A bit of planning ensures you can be consistent with your postings, ad campaigns, contests and more. Remember – no strategy means no results.

    3. Lacking A Balanced Approach

    Just like delayed interaction (or, no interaction at all) is contrary to the purpose of being on social media (engaging your customers in a dialogue), overdoing things can backfire, as well – it looks spammy. Posting 10 times a day, using too many hashtags, over-tagging people, etc. is an unsophisticated approach. Strike a healthy balance so you’re neither MIA nor too spammy.

    4. Duplicating Content Lazily

    Don’t get onto every single social media platform for the heck of it. Pick 2-3 platforms at the most, which are truly relevant for your business, rather than spreading yourself too thin. Most importantly, focus on curating different content for each handle. Why should someone follow you in 3-4 different places to see an identical update everywhere?

    5. Ignoring The Basics

    Run spell check and grammar check. Fill out all sections of your profile. Obtain high-quality graphics. These are basic things many companies forget to look into. It makes a potential customer think you’re too lazy to invest in your own brand.

    6. Avoiding Social Media Ads

    Ads help you reach a wider audience base. If you aren’t going to push your content out with consistent social media ads, what’s the point of even investing in high-quality content?

    7. Forgetting To Check Analytics

    Instagram shows insights as to which days and timings draw you the best results – post according to this specific information, rather than being arbitrary with timings. Furthermore, pay attention to your Website’s traffic sources – are they from a particular social media handle, ad campaign or promotion/contest? Keep tabs on what is and isn’t working using the right metrics. Simply looking at increasing/decreasing followers isn’t an accurate yardstick.

    8. Lacking Tact

    Newsjacking – trying to jump onto any news event / trending topic – shows lack of empathy. For example, if a natural disaster happened, don’t tell customers, “well, you can still shop online!” Similarly, deleting bad comments/reviews can piss a customer off further. Skilfully take difficult conversations into your Inbox/DM, rather than washing your dirty laundry in public.

    We hope these eight tips help you reevaluate your social media habits! If you need help with building the perfect social media plan for your brand, contact us at kissdoodles.

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