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  • 2017 Top Accounting Apps for Small Businesses

    As the financial year ends and as tax-filing deadlines approach, most small business owners and freelancers are ready to pull their hair out! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back – check out the best accounting apps to make things a little less stressful for you. Looking for an app which supports a large number of clients? Want something simple to generate invoices and billing time-tracking? Do you hate complicated terminology and want an easy-to-use interface? Do you need multiple currency options? Calm down – our list has options for every small business owner, regardless of what your key concerns are.


    The best thing about FreshBooks is that it is very easy to understand and it simplifies accounting for everyone. The dashboard is easy to navigate, as well. Invoicing and organizing expenses can be done in a jiffy, and FreshBooks supports multiple payment gateways. You may use this service for free for up to three clients!

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    If you hate technical jargon, you’ll love FreeAgent. From invoicing to expense tracking, everything is quick and easy. And, FreeAgent offers good data backup.

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    Based in our very own india, Invoicera is perfect for those of you who are doing business with customers around the globe, since it supports 21 payment gateways. Also, you can pick between cloud-based or self-hosting invoice options. Try out their 30-day free trial!

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    If you like lots of features, but simple interfaces, QuickBooks is your solution. In addition to letting you easily import data from Excel, it is also supported on both Mac and Windows based platforms.


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    Used in 56 countries, Kashoo supports banks in 100 countries, which is perfect, once again, for those of you with global business. It also shows the impact of exchange rates and can be integrated with FreshBooks, as well. The free-version only allows one user, but paid packages unlock many more features and allow multiple users.

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    Nutcache is a decent free app with solid features, including multiple language support, invoicing and time-tracking of billing. Sometimes, good things really are free!


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    Need an easy Android based app to keep track of your expenses? Expensify does just that – capture receipt images, fill expense details easily and manage reports like a piece of cake.


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    Another Android app, Xero makes it easy to track finances, manage cash flow, invoice, submit expense claims and more while on-the-go. Also, it supports many currencies in certain paid plans.

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    Logging expenses is user-friendly on Xpenditure with an option to simply click photos of receipts and generate reports.


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    Feeling less stressed now? Let us know which of these accounting apps you end up using by commenting below and don’t forget to share this blog post with other small business owners you think would benefit from this list!

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