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  • Up Your Content Game With These 5 Video Marketing Tools

    Videos are probably the most sought after form of content that is available in today’s digital era. As per a HubSpot report, 54% of consumers want their favorite brands to share more video content. Forbes reveals that users actually spend 88% more time on Websites with video content, and 95% people remember a call-to-action better after watching a video compared to reading it in text format (10%). Hence, according to Wyzowl, 87% of marketing professionals are already using videos as a marketing tool. Research by Animoto indicates, 88% of video marketers are happy with ROI.

    This information highlights how powerful video content can be for businesses across all industry sectors. If you’re looking for video marketing tools to improve your content mix, here are 5 that will prove handy! –

    1. Wirecast

    For those who are invested in streaming live videos to remote audiences, Wirecast is the go-to video creation tool. It is equipped with a plethora of handy features that allow you to capture live videos – guest lectures, weddings, news events – and you can include dynamic effects like the transitions and animated titles. Regardless of whether you have a Mac or Windows computer, Wirecast transforms it into a studio, and you can live-stream unique content on social media platforms like Facebook.

    2. Magisto

    The AI buzz is all around, and Magisto is embracing it to perfection. A completely automated video editing tool, it relies on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to select the best parts of the recorded video and join them together to make a phenomenal final piece.

    The value-added features by Magisto are the best things to look out for. While the tool allows you to take videos or click images from within the app, you can also fine-tune it by adding a peppy track of your choice and classy filters that appeal to you.

    3. Animoto

    An online editor that is fully automated, much like Magisto, Animoto is usually deployed by marketers and vloggers for video creation. Made for those who seek professional and quality videos for their brands, Animoto is a perfect choice since it gives you the option of adding your brand’s logo as a watermark for further visibility when video content is re-shared/retweeted. Animoto also gives you access to a wide array of storyboard templates and options for colors, stocks, fonts, and music that can be easily integrated with the videos. Added bonus – you can even make videos from just photographs and text!

    4. Filmora

    Simplifying the art of video editing, Filmora is an easy to use, yet highly efficient tool, which allows the user to get creative with new ideas, colors, fonts, brightness, speed, rotation and other advance enhancement features. Make your brand stand out with videos that are truly of professional quality. Filmora is available on Android and iOS, named as FilmoraGo, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

    5. Wideo

    Who doesn’t love animated videos when they’re done tastefully? If you want to one, Wideo is your best friend. With its easy to use interface, you can create interactive marketing videos for your brand either from scratch or through their built-in templates. Wideo has an option that allows you to quickly download video files in MP4 format, and you can directly share your creations on Facebook or YouTube, too.

    Video marketing in today’s age is no more a luxury, but an absolute necessity for all those who are looking to grab eyeballs for their brand. We hope you’re able to leverage these five tools to build a brand persona that has a solid impact. If you need help with a video marketing strategy, contact us right here.

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