March 27, 2017

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  • Mommy 101 – Social Media Accounts to Follow

    <Regardless of whether you are about to have a baby, have just had a baby, or have another munchkin on its way, being a mom can be extremely stressful at times. Okay, fine – most of the time.
    Today we bring you a list of social media accounts every mom should follow, ranging from Twitter and Snapchat to YouTube and Instagram. From parenting tips to chuckles and everything in between, these accounts will keep you entertained and informed.



    Tanya Kovarsky, @TanyaKovarsky

    This Johannesburg supermom blogs and is also Tweeting up a storm, with over 45,000 followers. From new toys and contests to makeup reviews and homework tips, Tanya’s Tweets will keep armed with plenty of information about a variety of subjects.

    Amy Flory, @FunnyIsFamily Connecticut based Amy Flory sure is one funny mom – in fact, Mashable named her as one of the 17 funny moms to follow on Twitter and Parenting named her as one of the top 10 Twitter handles to follow.

    Wired Mom, @WiredMom

    With over 127,000 followers, @WiredMom focuses on global safety for children.
    Wired mom has her pulse on the latest news and developments regarding a variety of topics, including cyber bullying, violence, school safety and more.


    Kelly Oxford Not only is Kelly Oxford a New York Times bestselling author and mom, she is also a huge influencer on social media networks. While her Twitter handle has 765,000+ followers, trust us, you have got to follow her on Snapchat – her stories are super funny to watch, in case you need some humor to counter all the frowns that come with parenting!

    Ilana Wiles Ilana Wiles, who is the writer of Mommy Shorts, gives you an up-close-and-personal look at life as a mommy blogger, through her Snapchat stories. From interviews and interactions with little ones to event coverage, she has plenty of content to keep you engaged.

    Rachael Kincaid Nurse, blogger and mother of three children, Rachael Kincaid is direct, open and fun and she’s gaining a lot of popularity on Snapchat with every passing month.


    Indian Mom On Duty One of the few Indian mommy YouTube channels, this one offers beauty tips to mothers, a look into a day of a mom’s life, marital life, baby massage routines and more.

    Baby Gizmo As a parent, you naturally worry about new gadgets and gizmos targeted at children- Baby Gizmo covers this topic extensively and also features funny snippets, including “Things Moms Say in the Morning” and a parody of Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side.”

    My Life Suckers Deva Dalporto’s channel features hilarious parodies of popular songs from a mom’s perspective, including “Suburban Funk,” “I Just Need Some Space,” “Let It Go- mom Parody” and more. Her videos are so good they have featured on Good Mornign America, CNN, NBC, The Today Show, ABC and Fox News.


    Candid Childhood If photos of cutie pie babies makes you go aww and squeal with delight, then Candid Childhood is THE Instagram account to follow! Instead of manually searching for baby pics, let this feed showcase the best uploads from around the globe.

    Two peas in a pod! Go to by @colafamadventures ! Tagged #cc_minimal ! ?mod: @th3littlestavenger ? A post shared by Candid Childhood (@candidchildhood) on

    Yuna Leonard

    Photographer and mother, Yuna Leonard documents her family, especially her super cute little ones, in the most delightful manner ever. Her precious uploads will make your heart melt.

    2sisters_angie / Angie Keiser Remember the adorable girl who used to create paper dresses? Follow her mom, Angie Keiser, on Instagram to keep tabs on this immensely creative family. Found this list useful? Know a mom who might benefit from this blog post? Then, go ahead and hit share!

  • Become a Digital Nomad – Top 5 Jobs for Travel Buffs

    If you are someone who is always monitoring flights on MakeMyTrip, reading travel blogs for information about unusual destinations not many others have uncovered and if you don’t mind living out of a suitcase or backpack, you, my friend, are a true gypsy soul driven by wanderlust. The thought of traveling for a living excites pretty much most of us – let’s face it, discovering new and beautiful places is an adventure no one would complain while undertaking. But, the logistics of actually pulling this feat off intimidates the very best of us, because one has to pay those pesky little bills, and for that, there has to be a steady source of income. Well, in the world of digitalization, here are five jobs that will empower you to become a digital nomad so you can travel the world without going broke.

    Travel Thought Leader

    With more and more people spending time consuming specialized content online, there is plenty of scope to become a thought leader in the travel sector. If you are very good at what you do and your content is unique, you could actually become a sought-after vlogger, blogger, travel Instagrammer, or all three and make money through tie-ups with various brands. Sounds like a dream come true!

    Let’s sit and watch the world go by ✧ #Amsterdam

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    E-commerce Business

    If you have a business streak to you, it is very much possible to run an ecommerce business from anywhere in the world, even while traveling. For example, you can create bespoke art or jewellery for clients, or setup a stationery shop online. The possibilities are endless.

    Birthday breakfast essentials ?? These new #Bohemia earrings though ? #ComingSoon www.shopmicare.com A post shared by Micare (@micarejewels) on


    Lots of companies are outsourcing work to freelancers, since it cuts back on overhead costs for them. If you are a graphic designer or Web designer, or even an animator, you have plenty of opportunities to grab ample work you can handle while traveling as long as you have your laptop, phone and some stead WiFi access. You can either scout for work through job portals like Freelancer and Craigslist, or you can make a list of agencies in various cities and manually approach them for projects. Be proactive.

    Back home from the trip, I took some really dope nature photos today, can’t wait to share those with you ?✌?

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    Digital Marketing Consultant

    As mentioned right above, the future is telecommuting in many industries, including marketing. More and more professionals are offering consulting services related to SEO, marketing, copywriting, branding, strategy, PR and the works, while treating the entire world as their workpad. You need to make sure you keep pitching and securing new projects to maintain a steady flow of cash, though.

    Digital Video Editing

    Many companies need video editors who can edit bulk content – if this sounds right up your alley, and if you can guarantee a high-speed internet source while on-the-go, this work might just fund your love for traveling very well.

    There are plenty of other jobs which can be done remotely, while traveling, including translation and transcription work, as well as voice overs (if you can invest in a decent mic).

    Is there a digital job you want to share with travel enthusiasts? Comment below and let us know.

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