Retain Those Millennials – 9 Tips to Add Fun to Your Startup Culture

Let’s face it – millennials are a huge chunk of the work force and they are a tough nut to crack when it comes to retaining them. Their loyalty cannot be purchased through simply a high salary – they are increasingly becoming more entrepreneurial (especially in major metros) and are looking for quick career growth alongside a healthy balance between work and personal life. According to Harvard Business Review, “across all income levels, the top predictor of workplace satisfaction is not pay: It is the culture and values of the organization…”

It is important to know how to minimize employee turnover rate, because the cost of recruiting and training new hires again and again is very costly. That’s why it is important to incorporate a work culture that is fun and satisfying is essential in retaining your employees, especially when you know they demand a flexible and positive environment.

Group games, holiday parties and monetary rewards are now far too common. Try thinking outside of the box. Here are some suggestions from the team at Kiss Doodles

3. Unwind


Let employees unwind and bond through happy hours, office lunches/dinners and perhaps even consider having each member of the team host a get-together at their home for everyone to get to know each other better outside of the office. Know when to get your team out of the office so they are more focussed when they are in the office.

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4. Encouragement

Encourage good health habits by either allocating in-office yoga sessions (like Twitter does), or zumba and dance workshops, or offer to reimburse employees for part of their gym membership. Healthy employees take less sick leaves!

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5. Work hard but party harder –


Work hard but party harder – take your team for fun days, like movie sessions, gaming, karaoke, camping, mini-trips and the works. Don’t have the mentality that oh, if we’re having so much fun, when will we work? Create the time so your team feels like going the extra mile for you when the time comes.

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6. Virtual or Telecommute

Consider going virtual or allowing members of your team to telecommute a certain number of days or hours. People appreciate the comfort of working from home and having time to attend to other errands side-by-side. Respect that and earn your staff’s respect immensely

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8. Volunteering

Try volunteering as an office team at local organizations. Not only will it be fun, but you’ll also give back to the community

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9. Time management


Allocate a few hours on a specific day every week where each member of your team teaches everyone else a skill set they are good at. Allow everyone to shine and learn from one another’s talents.


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These tips should boost your team’s morale and encourage positive thinking and job satisfaction in no time! Let us know if you have a tip you’d like to suggest by commenting below.

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