July 6, 2017

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  • Beat Declining Organic SM Reach with These 7 Tips

    Marketing through social media can be a real pain the in the ass. Organic reach is declining steadily, because Facebook has turned into a greedy monster. No one wants to purchase each and every single page like. And, boosting every single wall post sucks. Don’t you worry – here are seven tried and tested tips to help you beat declining organic reach on social media.


    1. It’s All About Timing

    Keep an eye out to monitor when your followers are most likely to engage with you content. This is the secret key to increasing organic reach and establishing a higher engagement rate for your brand. Brush up on your social media stalking skills.

    2. Content is God


    Your content better be interesting. In fact, it better be profound. Posting about relevant topics and current trends will ensure more likes, comments and followers. Also, please do not post incessantly to increase following, since it does the exact opposite of what you trying to achieve – it pisses and repels people.

    3. Target

    You can set target demographics, which will help zero in on the right audience for your content. Depending on your brand’s specifics, start narrowing down on your audience. Remember: Be selective. Be specific. Focus on quality.

    4. Share the Limelight

    Sharing really is caring. Stop being self-obsessed. Learn how to be social and likeable. Share information your audience will appreciate, even if it means entering into a tie-up with other social media rookies to cross-promote each other’s content; this will actually broaden your reach.

    5. Get Personal 

    Make your brand more personal, because people pay more attention to posts that have a personal touch to it. Humans like to feel special, even on social media. Behind-the-scenes footage, poll questions and audience shout-outs are some examples of ways to engage your audience. Give your brand a human element.

    6. Ask Others to Share

    Sometimes, you need to be very, very direct – don’t be afraid to ask people to share their own experience, photos and/or expertise with you. It will actually garner more attention and shares. Why? People are more likely to share their own and/or a friend’s content, rather than an attention-hungry brand’s posts.

    7. When in Doubt, Test it Out

    Always try and experiment with different types of content in various formats to see what really works best. Don’t be complacent – keep trying. Social media doesn’t have a cookie-cutter formula. In fact, social media algorithms keep changing, and what once used to work might not work later on. So, stay on your toes like a ballerina!

    All of this said and done, don’t fall into the trap of ONLY focusing on organic reach. A smart combination of paid acquisitions and organic reach is what will help drive the most traffic to your site and boost engagement within a shorter time-span. So, set aside a small budget for selective paid promotions, from time-to-time, to increase your reach even further.

    All Image Courtesy: giphy.com

    Do you have a useful social media tip you’d like to share with us? Comment below and let us know!