6 Reasons Why Instagram Stories are Beating Snapchat Stories Left, Right & Centre

If you are a social media junkie and/or a social media professional, you probably have every possible social media app downloaded onto your phone. However, building a good social media strategy doesn’t mean being everywhere, it means being on the right platforms in the right manner. “Stories” seem to be a feature that every app is starting to adopt, from Facebook and WhatsApp to Instagram and Snapchat, however, if you are feeling you are spreading yourself too thin by being everywhere, you may just want to focus on Instagram stories. Here are six reasons why Instagram stories are, in fact, beating Snapchat stories –

1. More Number of Users


There are roughly 300 million daily users on Instagram and only 166 million daily users on Snapchat. And, Instagram stories itself have more than 200 million users per day. These numbers pretty much speak volumes. Instagram helps marketers reach a much wider audience than Snapchat possibly can, simply based on the number of users.


2. Easier to Search


It is a lot easier to stalk, umm, search, for people on Instagram. Snapchat’s search function makes it very difficult to find and follow someone compared to the very user-friendly Instagram. You need Snapchat IDs and/or scan codes to find people, whereas on Instagram, all you need is the person’s name and you even get suggested account recommendations regularly, based on your likes and comments. Pretty neat!

3. Tagging Along 


Instagram allows to you to easily tag people – this enhances visibility and reach. And, you can also share external links in Instagram stories, which allows brands to add essential information, such as their website links, blog links and/or other social media profile links. This feature gives Instagram stories an extra edge in terms of usefulness when it comes to marketing outreach.

4. High Quality Videos


On Instagram, you can easily upload videos saved on your phone – this means you can upload high quality content you have curated! The last thing you want is for your brand to put out shabby, pixelated videos.

5. Better Analytics


Instagram provides more data about followers, website clicks, impressions, reach, engagement, demographics, etc. All of this information is very important for marketers to track.


6. Wider Influencer Platform 


theAmplify’s CEO Justin Rezvani says, “on average, our influencer community is seeing a 28% higher open rate on Instagram than Snapchat.” If you are a marketer, we are sure this statement definitely got your attention. Because of the larger audience base Instagram has, influencers find it much more rewarding to use Instagram stories. Snapchat shows only a few influencers on their discover section, whereas Instagram’s explore section makes it much easier for influencers to reach more people through recommendations.

Let’s face it Instagram has really implemented the stories feature in a smart manner and it is very user (and marketer) friendly. Snapchat is better for its initial intended purpose – sending private images and videos. Although, Instagram’s new disappearing message and image feature might just make things even more dismal for Snapchat in that department, as well. We’ll have to wait and watch!

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