Planning: Something that never goes as per plan

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. Relatable?

It’s that time of the year again when every person is planning for the next year.

Think about it, every person, every business has a vision. That vision is your starting point to make a plan. Whether business strategy or your next social media strat, you plan it all to the T. And then *kaboom*, it falls apart. Why?

1. Variables

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No one and NOTHING can prepare for the curveballs that you don’t know about. That’s what variables do to your plans. Your plan simply lacked contingency for the unexpected from the get-go.

2. Execution fail

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No plan is foolproof and you can’t foresee it failing till it’s in action. More so in social media strategies, as till the response doesn’t come in from putting your material out there, you almost cannot predict how it will be received by your target audience.

3. Client woes

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“I changed my mind.” Damn! Now how do you tackle that? Briefs and strategies go into a tailspin when you combat these 4 words. They come in forms of ‘Let’s not do this, let’s do that.” or “We can also do that.” But in all cases, we need a new plan. NOW WHAT?

With every problem, comes a solution. You just gotta find it

1. Acceptance is the KEY

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Don’t panic! Shit happens. Regroup internally, calm down and make your peace with it. Till it’s bothering you internally, your focus will be on the problem, not on the solution. And that’s helping no one in the room.

2. Make a new SHORT-TERM plan

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Clearly the long ones are bound to break down. Business goals, life goals, where you see yourself in 5 years, all of it changes with time. And the short term strategies are no different. So even if you can’t plan it out ALL the way, plan it step by step. Make it easy for yourself and the people around you, be it your team or your clients.

3. Don’t lose sight of the GOAL

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“I want to be THERE in 5 years.” How to reach it may change with time and variables, but your GOAL shouldn’t. As an agency, if sales are your goal, your strategy may change, but your end game is going to remain the same, so don’t lose sight.

Vision can’t change and it shouldn’t either, but plans can and will. So go with the flow, don’t panic and always have a few aces up your sleeve as back-up!!

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