December 6, 2018

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  • OPTIONS: Why is Instagram Shopping the latest EPIC THING?

    Who doesn’t love shopping?

    We all love getting new things. Clothes, stationery, gadgets; shopping of any kind makes us happy. And with the rise of digital platforms, you don’t even have to make that effort of getting up from the comfort of your couch to do the thing you love the most.

    About 20 years back, the boom in digital shopping hit us. It started with the then lowkey eBay and Amazon, which transcended to inspire other players where today everyone has a ‘shop / store’ feature on their website. From e-commerce to m-commerce, we are all about ‘online shopping’ now!

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    We are now a generation who purchase our toothbrushes online if possible. (Yep, digitization is making us lazy, but well!) Yet if you think of it, who really has the patience to scroll through the website of every brand and everything we like.

    This is where, one of our dear online best friend has stepped in to make us sing Hallelujah! In the last year, one of the most popular picture sharing portals, a.k.a. Instagram has made life easier for us.

    Frankly, it should have done this ages back because with numbers like 25 million business having a page on Insta, with a total of 800 million users, it had to be the most EPIC one stop shop for all of us.

    Let’s be honest here, we DO spend a LOT OF TIME on this app (a ridiculous amount of time maybe) and if we are getting information (I mean gossip) and shopping at the same place, IT DEFINITELY IS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY!

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    Somewhere at the start of this year, Instagram started to bless our lazy souls by giving us the feature that allowed product tagging. Product tagging, a little bit of the details and the price, all could be seen in one go and a few clicks later, it was time to wait for the delivery of the product.


    Best of both worlds

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    “Running late! No time!” is our mantra any day any way. Instagram has made life easier by making the app the grand-daddy of efficiency. So while doing the scroll, scroll, scroll, we could not just like what we saw, but also buy it! No remembering it, screen-shotting it or looking for it like a maniac.

    Or WORSE, forgetting about that gorgeous kaftan you saw on some page you can’t remember! You can be busy judging your friend’s alcohol choice in one post and scroll down to buy that kaftan in the next.


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    As a business, your biggest fear is FOMO! Have you listed on enough sites, do the sites bring in enough traffic and many other such questions bog you down? All that can be easily tossed out because Instagram is a portal where FOMO doesn’t really exist. By designing your content and promoting it the correct way, you WILL get your kind of traffic, come what may!

    Story to sell

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    WE LOVE NEW FEATURES ON INSTA! And with the latest one, you can shop through stories too! With 400 million users checking on stories everyday, Insta stories have its own market as well. Those few clicks of looking for that top which you saw on a brand’s BTS story are now saved!

    Holiday season is round the corner. And with it, a lot of parties too! Perfect for business and for buyers. It’s time to go shopping, insta-style!