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  • Busy Hustling? 10 Apps Every Woman Should Download

    Women wear many hats. We are constantly juggling so many roles at one time, and sometime it can get mighty stressful. If you are always super busy and are in desperate need of some help when it comes to making your life easier, here are ten must-have apps you need to download right away. Yes, you can thank us later!

    Smart 24×7

    There are a variety of safety apps every woman should download, including Smart 24×7, VithU, Nirbhaya, Safetipin and Women Safety. Unfortunately, it is evident there are a lot of incidents endangering the safety of women in our nation. These apps help you get in touch with your loved ones in an emergency situation. 

    StyleBook – Closet Organizer

    Often we forget what is in our closet and feel like we have nothing to wear, though the clutter in our closet tells another story. Stylebook helps you manage your wardrobe to dress for success every single day. 


    Too busy to take time out to cook up a healthy meal? Did your cook call out suddenly? Swiggy helps you eat well with a few clicks of an app. 

    Happy Kids Timer – Morning

    Useful for parents, especially ones without much additional help to rely on, Happy Kids Timer sets an autopilot routine for your kids to get through the morning routine so everyone can leave the house on time. Pretty neat and handy!

    Cozi Family Organizer

    Do you feel like you end up having to do everything? Well, it is about time you divide chores between everyone in the family with this useful family management app. Don’t feel overburdened again!

    Glow Ovulation & Fertility

    Are you a sexually active woman? Time to take charge of your sexual health. Monitor your sex life, health and menstrual cycle with this convenient app

    Drunk Blocker

    Work hard and party harder – if this is your motto and you find yourself thinking of contacting your ex after downing a few drinks, then Drunk Blocker helps you refrain from taking decisions you are bound to regret later. Also, you can choose a designated driver to call when you’re a bit tipsy.  

    MyFitness Pal 

    Sometimes it can be tricky to take care of your health and fitness when you are trying to manage your time between work and family. My Fitness Pal helps you stay in perfect shape. It is essential that everyone stays on top of working out throughout the week. A healthy lifestyle is a happy one!

    I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

    Are you expecting a baby soon? This app is perfect for pregnant mommies to keep track of their pregnancy at every step of the way. Mother’s World is an important app to have in such an important time of your life!

    BabyChakra: Parenting & Advice

    Advice from parents for parents – if you’re a first-time mom, BabyChakra’s app will fuel you with advice surrounding baby care and parenting. So, ladies, let us know what you think of these apps after you have downloaded them. And, if there is an app that has really helped you, go ahead and comment below to share your thoughts!