Write to Inspire – 6 Hand Lettering Artists to Follow

Remember all those annoying handwriting classes in elementary school? Manuscript. Cursive. Calligraphy. These were the classes that made us think we might have a shot at being a doctor, gauging how messy our handwriting was! So, naturally, when we see something pretty, it is difficult to not be in a state of awe. We came across six amazing hand-lettering artists on Instagram – their work is so good, that, too, in a digital day and age where people hardly handwrite anything!

Mary Kate McDevitt

Philadelphia-based artist Mary Kate McDevitt is a powerhouse of talent to watch out for – her choice of color palettes and simple, yet visually appealing typography is endearing. We also love her penciled out lettering uploads.

To start whatever it is you’ve been wanting to start.

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Abbey Sy

An artist and author, Abbey Sy’s Instagram uploads reflect a deep sense of distinct style and careful attention to fine details. We love her collage uploads and scenic pics – good overall variety!

Cyril Vouilloz

Berlin based Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, is a visual artist who also hosts many workshops on lettering. His lettering and design take up a life of their own, with a 3D touch to it. We especially love the lettering uploads, in which he uses objects, such as real pencils – sheer brilliance and innovation!

– K is for…? – . #sketchbook2point0 100% Analog _________________________

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Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a busy designer and hand lettering artist. Her choice of rich colors and unique style will grab your attention and maintain it forever. We like the personal touch to her Instagram account, where she showcases her life behind-the-scenes and also her adorable dog!

Danielle Evans

Danielle Evans might not have the biggest following in the lettering world, but when you take a look at her food typography, you’ll be amazed with the innovation. So much creativity! Her uploads are simply a yummy feast for the eyes.

What do you think of these lettering artists? Do you wish you had taken handwriting and art classes a bit more seriously now? Comment below and let us know!