Social Media – Every Business’ Biggest Essential

Are you one of those people who misses when people were smarter than their phones? Are you still rebelling against temptation to cross over to the dark side by jumping onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat? Well, whether you like it or not, social media has become an essential part of every single person’s life in today’s day and age, with new platforms coming up every few months. The amount of time we – and, this we INCLUDES your target audience 99% of the times – all spend glued to our Smartphones is shocking. And, this is precisely why it is of utmost importance every business, including yours, embraces social media. Still not convinced? Tough cookie you are! Here are four key reasons that will certainly have you rethinking in no time

Build Brand Awareness

Over 3 billion people use social media in the world, and this enormous number is only going to increase further with each passing year as the Internet becomes even more accessible, that, too, at higher speeds. Traditional forms of marketing are simply not as effective anymore – people are spending an increasing amount of time on social media platforms on their phones, tablets, laptops and the works. Many millennials, for example, are not even subscribing to newspapers and magazines, and often, do not even own a television – marketing and advertising through social media is hence the best opportunity to reach and engage such audiences and potentially even turn them into a loyal customer. According to the Social Media Industry Report, 88% of all marketers felt that their social media efforts actually generated more exposure for their businesses

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Get Customer Feedback

It is very easy to voice your opinion regarding any topic on social media. And, this is a great way to keep tabs on the pulse of the latest trends and what your audience thinks, so you can adapt accordingly. One can get great customer insights from Tweets and posts put on social media, and you can even acquire user reviews to make sure your customers are satisfied with your offerings. Furthermore, you can acknowledge and address complaints to avoid mishaps and bad word-of-mouth.

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Generate Leads & Higher Conversion Rates

As your brand reach increases, the percentage of conversion also increases like magic. According to Social Media Examiner, approximately 66% marketers saw increase in their leads thanks to engaging social media platforms – after all, the more followers you obtain, the higher your odds of converting them into customers.

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Target Precisely

Social media platforms allows you to run ads at a very low cost. And, you can make these ads as targeted as you want, while also changing copy and target demographics and budgets in real time, since monitoring campaign performance is very easy 24/7. In fact, the power is with you when it comes to running ads on social media channels, unlike traditional ads. Want more page likes? Want to drive more traffic to your Website? Want to increase sales of your product? Want to generate downloads? Everything is very much possible through running ads on social media.

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