Sales pitch in the smoking zone? Totally works! Read why!

Smokers connect at a whole other level, and sometimes, yes, it actually can lead to business leads and successful business deals – it certainly has, for me. Hold on – don’t get all judgmental on me. No, I am not encouraging you to actually pick up a cigarette if you are a non-smoker. I am simply sharing my experiences as someone who happens to smoke and who has also happened to strike a lot of business leads and deals over a series of smoke breaks throughout the past few years. If you don’t smoke, then do not read further.


1. Chemical Balance/Imbalance

Is it a chemical imbalance, or a balance? It sure sets the right mood! A few puffs of a cigarette and your mood is altered – you feel calmer, relaxed, at ease…you loosen up. You’re more open to talking to people. And, the first step to building any new connections, including business-related ones, is communication (preferably the verbal, in-person kind).

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2. You can strike a conversation over a light!!

It is usually a lot easier for smokers to strike a conversation while smoking. You can actually start a conversation over a light – lol! Yes, something as simple as that can get things rolling (pun not intended!). People suddenly want to listen to you – listening becomes much easier. And, you are mentally relaxed enough to actually talk – speaking becomes natural, and you feel a lot more social. Thus, the exchange of words, of information AND of business and contact numbers becomes a lot more comfortable and fluid over a smoke break.

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3. Mutual Understanding

This one might seem obvious, but is quite true – a smoker understands another smoker. Yes, don’t lie – you know what I mean, you’ve been nodding throughout this post! Remember the episode of FRIENDS, The One Where Rachel Smokes? Yes, that.

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