Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with THESE 4 FB Ad Tips

It has become fairly simple to setup an e-commerce business these days. Yes, curating and/or manufacturing products is no easy feat, but once that’s in place, getting a Website up and running, along with a secure payment gateway is fairly doable. However, just because you’ve launched an e-commerce portal doesn’t mean sales will happen automatically. It isn’t magic. Regardless of what you are selling, there are bound to be numerous competitors, and most of them are probably investing a lot more in PR and social media marketing than you are, if you are a newbie. However, with these four important Facebook advertising tips, you can certainly change things up for the better. Here’s how! –

1. Build Carousel Ads


Many people make the mistake of simply running Facebook ads to boost page likes, or they will boot individual wall posts. This is not really going to help drive sales that dramatically. However, carousel ads are an excellent option – they allow you to showcase multiple product images in one ad that pans left and right. For example, a lot of ads you’ll see for online shops like Koovs and The Label Life are carousel ads. You can incorporate various images and smart copy to drive the message home smartly, and your ads can redirect visitors to your Website, instead of your Facebook page, to increase the odds of potential purchases.

2. Run Multiple Ad Sets


It is highly critical that you run multiple ad sets at the same time. Label each of these ad sets properly, and include details such as the month and/or week the ads are designed for and if there are any particular cities each carousel ad is focussing on. Within a few days of testing out various carousel ad sets, you will be able to determine which ones are giving you the maximum ROI, and you can phase out ineffective ad sets accordingly.

3. Monitor Sales & Analytics Closely 


Setup Google Analytics with your e-commerce portal so you can monitor how your ads are converting in sales in real-time. Analytics will show you how much traffic and sales are increasing in real-time based on how many ads you are running. Often, you will see a pretty strong correlation between FB ad budgets and sales. You can also keep track of which products are selling faster to adjust your carousel ads to push out certain products accordingly.

4. Refresh Creatives Regularly 


It is important to change up creatives and copy used in Facebook ads at regular intervals to avoid fatigue. While it is okay to have one consistent master set that is tried and tested, make sure there is at least one ad set that is being updated with new images at least once a month. The last thing you want is for potential customers to become immune to your ads and tune them out entirely. Keep things exciting, innovative and fresh.

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Now, while this isn’t really a Facebook ad tip, we would like to point out that a lot of companies start receiving a lot of product-related inquiries through Facebook messages when they run ads. So, do not neglect checking your message folder regularly, because you might miss out on a lot of business if you slack off. Customers like timely replies. Put yourself in their shoes!

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