Influencer Marketing: Learning from the best

Climbing up the ladder of modern, client-engaging marketing strategies has been the steady player called influencer marketing, the buzzword-laden mystical tool that has become handy to many marketers. For someone new to the marvels of micro-influencers, one can understand influencer marketing as the unique brand endorsements done by social media influencers that involve a more personal taste and widespread customer engagement, not just detached branding.


With 94% of marketers claiming it to be an effective marketing strategy, it won’t be wrong to say that influencer marketing had taken 2017 by storm. However, the catch here is to know what buttons to press and what doors to close to avoid the analytic difficulties in gauging the success of an influencer campaign.


Irrespective of the scale, brands can leverage the power of influencers to suit their goals and needs. Let’s look at some of the best influencer-driven marketing campaigns and understand what the intricacies of acing influencer marketing are:

1) Sperry:

The boat shoe brand Sperry had reached out to over 100 influencers on Instagram who had actively endorsed their products, collaborating with them to form visual content suitable for client engagement and better brand image.


2) Hallmark:

Hallmark’s winter collection was a success because of the family sentiment it grasped of its customers through the influencers. These influencers were predominantly family-oriented on Instagram and they endorsed various products by actually wearing them in the pictures, posting links for the followers where they could buy the same.


3) Old Navy:

The clothing line had a famous social media influencer Meghan Reinks appear on their Instagram, YouTube and Facebook ads, showing the viewers how to style clothes for various occasions, using pieces from the brand, in her trademark comedy style. This appealed to her followers extending over a million, gaining valuable customers for the brand.


These are just some of the examples as to how influencer marketing can prove to be a game changer for your company. Believe it or not, the year is at the verge of changing, literally and from the marketing point of view too! Take the correct steps and you will flow with the change in the best way possible!

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