Why Your Brand Should Blog

  • Why Blogging Is Important For Your Brand

    As consumers spend more and more time online, making your presence felt on the Web is increasingly important. While active social media accounts and emailers are great tactics, maintaining an official blog for your business is also integral. In fact, Research indicates that 80% of companies blogging as part of their key marketing strategy acquired customers through this tactic. Furthermore, and 82% claim blogging is imperative to their business. Here are seven reasons why your brand should blog –

    1. SEO Boost

    Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing love Websites that provide them with fresh content to index. Maintaining a blog allows you to churn out content that adds value to your consumers’ lives and also rank higher on targeted keywords. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

    2. Build Credibility

    Providing audiences with new information, not just about your products, but about trends in your industry, allows you to secure an edge over your competitors – it enhances your credibility and establishes your business as a thought leader. Not just consumers, even media outlets and other stakeholders will trust your brand more.

    3. Subtle Advertising

    No one likes a brand that shoves products and services down a consumer’s throat. Instead, use your blog to smartly and subtly to lead your audience to a desirable action-step, gradually. For example, if you’re a brand that sells men’s t-shirts, you can post a blog about 5 hottest men’s fashion trends of the year and promote your own product images / links within the story.

    4. Develop A Strong Community

    Attracting a loyal consumer base is every brand’s dream. Blogging presents customers with an opportunity to engage with your brand and with one another, too. Furthermore, if your content is truly meaningful (which it SHOULD be), you might be surprised with how many people share your articles on their social media handles, offering free word-of-mout

    h. In a nutshell, blogging allows you to strengthen your relationship with existing consumers and also attract new ones in the process.

    5. Tap Into Influencer Marketing

    If you maintain an active blog, you can appeal to influencers hrough listicle format posts that snapshot various thought leaders whom you want to tie-up with. For example, if you are a restaurant, a listicle about Top Food Instagrammers or Top Food Bloggers might just earn you a reshare from some of the people you profile.

    6. Understand Your Audience

    Blogging allows you to understand your consumers effectively – by monitoring which blog posts are performing best, you can find out what their wants and needs really are. Accordingly, you can tweak your messaging to control the narrative properly and feed them relevant content they wish to see, so your brand resonates with audiences even further.

    7. Coveted Subscribers List

    Blogging also presents you with an opportunity to build a database of consumers who are genuinely interested in your products and services – often times, if people love your blog’s content, they will subscribe for more updates, which then provides you with a golden chance to cross-promote your business even further through other touch-points.

    We hope these seven reasons inspire you to either breathe life into your pre-existing blog or to add one to your corporate Website pronto! If you need any help with content creation, contact our team right here.

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