Does Your Social Media Campaign Have These Five Components?

Social media is not about putting up random posts on any given platform. No way. It’s an art. And, believe it or not, it’s an art that is actually driven by a lot of strategy – that is what differentiates successful social media campaigns from average and unsuccessful ones. If your brand is new to social media, here are five important components your SM campaigns should contain, if you want the best results.

1. Show Some Variety


Do not post the same exact type of content every single day. It get’s ridiculously boring for audiences, and they are going to quickly stop hitting “like” if things get monotonous. Mix up your content – quotes, trivia, look-books, testimonials, behind-the-scenes, media coverage, funny bloopers. Yep, the possibilities are endless, so don’t get lazy!

2. Mix It Up 


It is important to understand that social media portals allow you to post both stills and moving images. So, make sure you don’t constantly only post graphics; instead, add some videos or short boomerang clips. You can even use Facebook LIVE, if you’re feeling up for it! There are also “story” features you can try out in Facebook and Instagram. Keep your audience on their toes by creating a social media campaign that’s like a well-choreographed dance!

3. Make Special Days Feel…Umm…Special


Trending topics are called trending topics for a reason – they are topical. So, don’t behave like an old fossil, and get with the program. Make sure your social media calendar takes into account both trending topics and special/official days and figure out if your creatives can address them in a relevant manner. Stay on top of trends so you can be one!


4. Get Interactive & Seduce 


You need to seduce your audience. How? Try giving away freebies and running exclusive promos for your fans. Not only will they feel rewarded for their loyalty, it’ll also keep them engaged and glued to your social media pages. Keep your audience hooked!

5. Spend Some Money 


You need to spend some money on paid promotions. Unless you already have 15,000 organic likes and are a hot topic, you need to invest in yourself before others invest in you. Take time out to allocate a certain budget to buy relevant page likes, boost wall posts and run carousel ads that redirect fans to your Website for sales.

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If all of this seems like too much work for you to handle on your own, don’t you worry. Get in touch with our social media wizards right here.

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