5 Reasons You Should Re-Design Your Website

It can be tricky to determine if your Website needs to be revamped. It is easy to become complacent, and redesigning a site can be a pretty mammoth task. But, that could be detrimental to both branding and business. So, if you have a Website that has been up and running for a while now, here are five important questions to ask yourself to figure out if you should redesign it –

1. Has the purpose of your Website changed?


No, you do not need to redesign your entire Website every single time you adjust your marketing goals. However, if your marketing plans have changed drastically, you need to ask yourself if your Website is fully aligned with those goals. Everything needs to be cohesive.


2) Is your Website responsive?


People like to consume information on their mobile devices – in fact, over 60% Web traffic comes from such sources. So, if your Website isn’t responsive, you are going to lose business leads and customers. Do not take such a huge risk, and start optimizing your Website.

3. Is your Website sluggish?


Slow and steady wins the race is actually not always applicable. When it comes to Websites, speed is critical at many levels, from SEO, the amount of time users spend on your site and user-experience being offered. If your Website is slow, then it means it is poorly developed and/or your hosting platform is pretty bad. Don’t piss your audience off with a painfully slow Website. Just don’t.

4. Is your home page cluttered?


Your Website shouldn’t look like a messy scrapbook. Excessive content is overwhelming for a user to see on a Website. As we’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post, users do not want to read endless paragraphs of content the very first time they are being exposed to a new brand. It is a huge turn off. Your homepage should express your core values, the real purpose of your brand and what it has to offer.

5. Can people reach out to you?


This might seem obvious, but surprisingly many companies forget to display sufficient contact information. Customers want brands to be available – it establishes a sense of trust and security. Make sure a phone number and email ID is prominently available on your Website. Not including this vital information will result in users dropping off your site.v

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All of these questions should definitely get you thinking!

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