Transforming your Buyer-Marketer Communication in the direction of Conversion

Marketing has always been about an exchange, be it in terms of information or money. Either you sell the customer your product, or, the customer sells you the reason of not buying your product. Nevertheless, it is still a constant transaction that takes place between marketers and sellers, often fueled by motivations that have evolved over time for the marketers. From marketer-centric, the process of conversion has gradually moved to a more buyer-centric approach with the aim of changing the way buyers interact with the business. This change is one of the main results of the boost of information now available, thanks to technology. Information is the main need of today’s buyer and therefore, it is imperative that marketers change their ways of approaching buyers, suiting to this very need.












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To understand what kind of conversion approach suits when and to whom, let’s first try to break down the whole range of buyers and their levels of interaction with the business. Let’s look at it as a funnel depicting the customer journey, from the time he discovers your brand till the time he makes a purchase. Accordingly, there are people falling into the top category, wherein they are generally looking for information and knowledge, the middle ones, who are quite considerate and positive about making the purchase, and, the bottom category, wherein people actually make the purchase an turn into customers. Thus, the top, middle and bottom represent the three stages of a customer’s journey namely awareness, consideration and decision. Now that we know what exactly transpires in the minds of the customers as they engage with your business, let’s look at what methods should you apply at each of these stages to cater to the needs of the customers at that point. A diverse and broad approach like this would lead to eventual increase in conversion rates and customers.












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For people at the top of the funnel, you can employ messaging as the major path for you to engage with the customer. You interact with them and give them the information that they want, letting them know what the brand stands for and what is in it for them. You address all their queries and make them confident about your brand. Apart from that, content is another strong medium through which you can interact with the people at the top of the funnel. Video content can be a very good example of the same, directing users to your website by fundamentally initiating an exchange of information.













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For the people at the middle, the initial phase of discovery is over and it is time to convert them into leads by giving them more specific, direct and customized information. Here, you can start advanced messaging, customized texts, product-oriented emails and content. You can also develop an option for the people here to set up meetings, because, the exchange now has to turn from information transaction to a more positive precursor to lead generation.












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Now that you have pitched your business well, catering to all their queries, needs and preferences, it is time to call them to action by making the final communication towards conversion. The people here are at the bottom of the funnel, ready to make a decision. Here, immediate communication plays the determining role, because, after all the knowledge and research, the customer needs to make the purchase and for that the availability of the business executive is needed. Therefore, immediate chats, call sales and messaging are imperative. Your buyers are now impatient to buy and you have to talk to them to let them make the purchase!













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Marketing has been a dynamic field since the beginning of businesses. But, if you know how to adapt to the changing world of conversions and modes of the same, you can book yourself a top spot in this ever-expanding scenario of making money out of preferences.

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