August 19, 2019

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  • Web Design Teams From Around The World To Inspire You

    The world of online marketing has become extremely competitive, especially for e-commerce portals. With everyone glued to the Internet, the importance of maintaining a solid online presence cannot be emphasized enough. You need to be where your audience is, after all. And, one of the key tactics of beating your competition is to build a visually stunning, high-content and user-friendly website that not only ranks well from a SEO perspective, but also impresses both your target audience. Here are five of the best web design companies you should definitely study to get some much-needed Web design inspiration.

    1. Lounge Lizard

    Winner of many awards, Lounge Lizard is a New York based team that consists of graphic designers, content writers, designers, programmers and digital market specialists. They all keep one end-goal in mind when designing a Website – the number of users must grow. Active in the market since 1998, SoftwareTestingHelp.com and WP Arena have both profiled their work, in the past. They have worked with brands such as Spectrum Entertainment, Frey Moss, Sachem Public Library, Motorola Solutions, Novus and Animalpark.

    Check out their work right here.

    2. Go Gulf

    CEIBS. Fujifilm. Air Mauritius. Zodiac. These are just some of the very many prestigious brands Dubai-headquartered Go Gulf has helped with their Web based expertise. Founded in 2005, they have already dealt with over 500 companies! No wonder TIME, Neil Patel, CNN, Mediabistro, Techwire and more have featured them. They’re constantly up to great Web design and development.

    Check out their work right here.

    3. Alt Agency

    UK based Alt Agency’s strengths are design, development and Web site maintenance. And, the brands they’ve worked with all fall into a really interesting mix, including F1, The Beatles Story, Bad Bear, Supercar and Concept Hair Magazine. Founded in 2006, they’ve certainly come a long way Website-by-Website.

    Check out their work right here.

    4. Playground

    Milan, Italy sure is known for being a hip hub. And, the same goes true for Web design! Launched over 12 years ago, Playground specializes in designing digital experiences, and they handle other verticals, too, including content and email marketing. Their data-driven approach to Web design has won them some pretty high-profile clients, such as The North Face, Timberland, Vans and Napapijri.

    Check out their work right here.

    5. Ruckus Marketing

    Crayola. Haley Davidson. HSBC. OnePlus. Porsche. What’s the common thread with all these brands, minus the fact that they’re huge? Well, they’ve all turned to New York based Ruckus Marketing to help with Web related solutions! Listed as one of the top design agencies by Agency Spotter, Ruckus Marketing handles UX/UI, Website development, apps, marketing, branding and much more for clients across many diverse industries.

    Check out their work right here.

    We hope these five design pros from around the globe help you set the bar higher for your own Web site’s design. Remember, if you don’t invest in your own brand image, no one will want to invest in you. If you need help with putting together a user-friendly site, contact our team right here.

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