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  • How To Do A Good SM Audit

    With social media tools and strategies evolving day-by-day, what might have been working for your brand a few months ago could prove utterly useless today. To complicate matters further, chances are your competitors – who have bigger budgets – are probably ahead of the game, which brings us to our main point: you must audit your company’s social media regularly. A social media audit will not only help you monitor what your competition is doing right, it’ll also help you evaluate what you need to initiate, eliminate and optimize. So, let’s walk you through six steps to conduct a quick social media audit –

    1. Create A Spreadsheet

    Open up a new spreadsheet in Google Docs that is accessible to only key members of your team. Create a tab for each month, and add the following sections in each one of them –

    a) social media handle name
    b) social media handle URL
    c) login info
    d) names of people with access to login info
    e) number of followers
    f) number of comments
    g) number of likes
    h) number of shares
    i) number of DMs
    j) number of posts
    k) metrics (i.e. Web traffic)
    l) top 5 performing posts
    m) insights / analytics
    n) ad campaigns
    o) other notes
    p) competitors

    Once you’re done creating these sections, begin filling them out.

    2. Check Your Basics

    At the same time you’re working on step #1, also double check if all of your social media handles are even up-to-date with the latest information, which could range from bios and URLs to contact information and logos. Most importantly, please do not hesitate to delete any unnecessary accounts. It is better to focus on a handful of relevant platforms than spread yourself thin across any and every space.

    3. Review The Data

    Once you’ve filled out your spreadsheet’s sections for a few months, you will easily be able to identify the following –

    a) are new customers coming in?
    b) is Web traffic linked to social media activity?
    c) are new followers joining?
    d) are old followers leaving?
    e) are followers from your target group?
    f) are particular posts doing better than others?
    g) are ad campaigns offering any impact?
    h) are people interacting with your brand?
    i) are posts going out consistently?
    j) are particular days/timings better for posting?

    4. Monitor Your Competition

    Monitor the social media handles of at least 2-3 competitors and note down which posts are performing best for them – you might find some interesting information that you can incorporate into your own campaigns, such as content ideas or better hashtags.

    5. Revise Your Strategy

    Based upon the analysis you draw through answering the above questions from points #3 and #4, spend a few minutes to jot down the following –

    * List down immediate goals + metrics to measure success
    * List down long-term goals + metrics to measure success
    * Build a new editorial calendar that has a specified frequency of posts and a good mix of content buckets that are relevant.
    * List down action steps to obtain the necessary images, videos, copy and information to put together content as per your new editorial calendar

    6. Monitor Progress

    Keep monitoring progress with social media strategy modifications every month to pull the plug on low performing campaigns and allocate more time, energy and funds to campaigns that are drawing real results. Remember, social media auditing is not a one time project – this needs to happen on an ongoing basis.

    We hope these six steps help you audit your company’s social media thoroughly so you can improve your strategy to meet your end-goals. If you need help with putting together a tailored social media campaign, contact us here.

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  • 7 Content Essentials For Your Brand’s Social Media

    If you’re unsure about what type of content to share on your brand’s social media handles to draw the maximum engagement, worry not! We’ve put together a handy cheat sheet of seven social media content essentials to revamp your strategy.

    1. User Generated Content (UGC)

    UGC is a no-brainer for boosting engagement and reach these days. In exchange for offering credits, not only do you get free, high quality content to post, you also enjoy a meaningful interaction with your following and smartly tap into their network, too. Instagram is an excellent platform, in particular, for UGC content. You can run a small giveaway to incentivize people to participate.

    2. Visual Content

    Visual content does much better than only text-based posts. According to studies, posting images on Twitter increases retweets by a whopping 150%. No wonder Examiner reports that nearly 85% of marketers use visuals when creating social media content.

    3. Infographics

    Infographics are a visually appealing, informative piece that gets a lot of engagement. In fact, they can generate a lot of shares, too. According to information by Okdork + Buzzsumo, infographics actually receive the most social media shares, followed by listicles. Add value to your customers’ lives with such content pieces throughout the month. For example, if you’re a jewellery brand, an infographic about the different types of earring categories / names is handy for shoppers. Or, if you’re a travel company, an infographic about the most affordable countries based on currency exchange values is helpful for customers.

    4. e-Books / Digital Magazines

    Consider curating content throughout the year that you can repurpose into a helpful e-Book or digital magazine. You can promote this on social media through a small paid promotional campaign and offer free downloads in exchange for information collection (i.e. email IDs / referrals). Also, if you plan this smartly, you can feature quotes / interviews from other influencers so they also share the download link with their network!

    5. Testimonials

    Sharing the positive feedback previous customers/clients have said about you, as well as media mentions, is a wonderful way to help potential customers choose your brand over competitors. It establishes trust and credibility. Instead of text based testimonials, consider short video snippets.

    6. Interactive Content

    Polls, quizzes, contests, Q&As and surveys are all interactive content pieces that are fun. Let’s face it – even the New York Time’s most popular content piece was a quiz, not an article. If planned properly, you can collect useful consumer insights through this, which can later be repurposed into a PR piece featuring NEW industry-related data.

    7. Livestream Sessions&lt

    Facebook live streams have definitely picked up of late. It unites your followers in real-time, which is a powerful feeling. And, you can share the content afterwards so those who missed out can watch. Jay Shetty is an excellent example of someone who uses FB live sessions brilliantly to build his brand, generate leads and foster a sense of community amongst his followers. Instagram also has a “live” option, but it disappears once you’re done.

    Now that you know which content buckets perform the best on social media, go ahead and start upgrading your SM strategy. Need help with putting together a robust social media plan? Contact us right here.

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  • Is Your Brand Making These Social Media Mistakes?

    Yes, making mistakes is a part of human nature. However, making mistakes on your company’s social media channels is unacceptable because it can either have tremendous negative impact on your brand’s image and result in poor ROI. Here are 8 social media blunders to steer clear of –

    1. Underestimating Social Media’s Potential

    If you think social media is only a marketing tool, think again. It can also impact sales by connecting you to prospective customers and finding opportunities to educate them about your products/services. Social media can even act as a customer service tool – you can address customer inquires and negative feedback in real-time. And, social media can offer HR support – your job postings will reach a wider network, giving you a larger pool of potential recruits to choose from.

    2. Failing To Plan Properly

    Invest time to conduct a social media audit, monitor competitors’ SM handles, build a proper editorial calendar and develop list of hashtags. A bit of planning ensures you can be consistent with your postings, ad campaigns, contests and more. Remember – no strategy means no results.

    3. Lacking A Balanced Approach

    Just like delayed interaction (or, no interaction at all) is contrary to the purpose of being on social media (engaging your customers in a dialogue), overdoing things can backfire, as well – it looks spammy. Posting 10 times a day, using too many hashtags, over-tagging people, etc. is an unsophisticated approach. Strike a healthy balance so you’re neither MIA nor too spammy.

    4. Duplicating Content Lazily

    Don’t get onto every single social media platform for the heck of it. Pick 2-3 platforms at the most, which are truly relevant for your business, rather than spreading yourself too thin. Most importantly, focus on curating different content for each handle. Why should someone follow you in 3-4 different places to see an identical update everywhere?

    5. Ignoring The Basics

    Run spell check and grammar check. Fill out all sections of your profile. Obtain high-quality graphics. These are basic things many companies forget to look into. It makes a potential customer think you’re too lazy to invest in your own brand.

    6. Avoiding Social Media Ads

    Ads help you reach a wider audience base. If you aren’t going to push your content out with consistent social media ads, what’s the point of even investing in high-quality content?

    7. Forgetting To Check Analytics

    Instagram shows insights as to which days and timings draw you the best results – post according to this specific information, rather than being arbitrary with timings. Furthermore, pay attention to your Website’s traffic sources – are they from a particular social media handle, ad campaign or promotion/contest? Keep tabs on what is and isn’t working using the right metrics. Simply looking at increasing/decreasing followers isn’t an accurate yardstick.

    8. Lacking Tact

    Newsjacking – trying to jump onto any news event / trending topic – shows lack of empathy. For example, if a natural disaster happened, don’t tell customers, “well, you can still shop online!” Similarly, deleting bad comments/reviews can piss a customer off further. Skilfully take difficult conversations into your Inbox/DM, rather than washing your dirty laundry in public.

    We hope these eight tips help you reevaluate your social media habits! If you need help with building the perfect social media plan for your brand, contact us at kissdoodles.

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  • Social Media Adverts: Why does your business need it?

    Gone are the days when brands would scoff at having social media promotions. We have successfully stepped into the age where each brand needs to have a strategy to promote itself through social media, thus leading the brand to reach its maximum potential possible. A specialist team, a plan of action and separate budgets, social media is slowly moving into playing a very important part from a marketing viewpoint.

    Why? We as millennials have moved from ‘I will ask dad about it’ to ‘just Google it’. Over billions of users are reported monthly through social media portals. Searching for the latest thing to buy, to eat, to do, people today are using their smartphones for looking at options as well as using the devices for approaching the brand for purchase. We truly have become a generation that ‘look online’ to lead our lives.

    via mrs.digital

    That’s from the customer’s point of view. What about a brand’s perspective? How do you get noticed in this plethora of options, especially if people aren’t looking for you? How do you, as a brand, grab their attention saying, “Hey, if you’re looking for options, I exist!”

    Advertisements or ‘ads’ are now available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube, which generates not just viewership but also helps translate a good chunk of this viewership into an actual business.

    So, What do these ‘paid promotions’ do for your business?

    1. Information and broadcasting

    You have billions of prospective customers and many thousands of competitors on the same portal, doing the same things as you are. How do people know you exist in this sea of brands?

    via socialmediaimpact.com

    The first step of turning a person into a prospective buyer is letting him know the existence and the details of your brand. Organically your audience will grow at a steady pace but by putting some money behind your posts, you can reach a wider audience in a short span, thus helping you attract more leads.

    2. Affecting decision making

    With thousands of brands competing for that attention everyday in every way, how do you tip the scale in your direction? With targeting the right audience with your ads, you can leave an impression in the mind of a buyer. Subconsciously they appreciate your effort and eventually what you are selling.

    via intenseblog.com

    Whether they see your ads on multiple platforms or multiple ads on a single platform, subconsciously, your brand identity gets stuck with your audience.

    3. Higher returns with your budget

    With traditional advertisements, there are more misses than hits. They cost you a bomb and the chances for it to result in leads are slim. There is no clear targeting, whereas with social media adverts, you can precisely set your audience, thus increasing your leads as well as you save on the lead cost.

    via hookagency.com

    4. Retargeting existing customers

    A lot of times your customers might just add your products to the cart or view certain products but not make the purchase. Through social media retargeting, you can reach out to them again, get them to review the product(s) and help push the sale further.

    via varstreetinc.com

    With varied options available through multiple channels, your prospective customers can change decisions before you can blink your eye. So turn to social media advertisements to make you the last decision they make before they !

  • Social Listening – Why is it important for your business?

    As individuals, we might or might not be social media driven. Twitter may feel like a waste of time, latest filters on Instagram and Snapchat are alien concepts and Facebook may have run its course in your life.

    But when we think of a brand, be it ourselves in the capacity of social influencers or a product/service selling brand, social media today is the key tool. From grabbing the attention of potential customers, promoting the latest creative; for that matter, even solving doubts and grievances of your existing customers, social media is a very important weapon in your arsenal.

    Yet, with multiple portals providing different tools, how do you keep a track of who’s talking about your brand? Good, bad, neutral; everything that’s being said about you, should be in your knowledge. But the question remains: HOW?

    Social Media Listening shows you real-time data of what is being said about you, without you having to go on individual platforms and searching for your name or product. A one-stop monitoring of all your social media pages, it gives you precise data of the mention of your brand, as it’s happening. Further analysis of the trends that have been set off by your metrics also are a click (or maybe a few clicks) away.

    Here’s why social listening is a MUST-HAVE for your business:


    You can find out how your business is perceived by your audience, as compared to your competitors. The stats can also be converted into reports that inform the clients, investors, for that matter, your own team of how and how much is your brand impacting your customers.

    via immgsm.ac.za

    2. TIME – SAVING

    Brand tracking is easier as it helps you monitor multiple portals through one platform, saving time and the extra effort of going to each social media account separately.

    via slipflop.com


    Getting that real-time data is vital for your business. Paying attention to not just where you’re tagged but also everything that’s mentioned about you, so you don’t have a FOMO moment when it comes to your brand.

    via thelogicalindian.com


    Having this information in hand also helps your marketing and sales team to plan their strategy. You can take notes of things that worked or did not work and accordingly move ahead with your plans.

    via carriegreenecoaching.com


    Word of mouth is the best way to grow your business. Through social listening, you can find the people who are advocating your brand and can reach out to them to help push your business further. These could be either your customers or an influencer.

    via vimeo.com

    As social media is a real-time industry, being conscious and aware all the time is important for your business success. With social listening, you can be on top of things and take your brand to a new level!

  • Lesbian Life – 4 Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now!

    We’re celebrating Women’s Day 2017 not just on the March 8th, but the entire week here at Kiss Doodles. Today, we are spotlighting the best Lesbian accounts, ranging from Instagram accounts to YouTube channels and blogs. Check it out! –

    Vivienne Errington-Barnes

    Vivienne Errington-Barnes isn’t just the Global Head of HER Social App, but is also quite a force to reckon with on Instagram, with over 22,000 followers. She re-shares stunning uploads of lesbians from around the world, and every image is priceless and charming. 


    @kaseytruman & @jennyinthemix ‘s gorgeous wedding in Palm Springs ? . Photo by @imsteph

    A post shared by Vivienne Errington-Barnes (@vivienne.errington.barnes) on

    Bria & Chrissy

    Singing duo and lesbian couple – that’s Bria and Chrissy for you! Their YouTube channel has won the hearts of over 700,000 subscribers. Plus, they have over 75,000 followers on Twitter, 130,000+ followers on Instagram and more than 51,000 fans on Facebook – clearly this powerhouse couple is ruling the world of social media. Their original music and inspiring videos have struck a chord with many people around the globe, as they continue to promote awareness for LGBT rights, anti-bullying and revenge porn.


    Founded by a NYC based producer, Kelly Rakowski, h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y showcases lesbian history. This unique Instagram account is all about lesbian pride and documents culture beautifully.

    What Wegan Did Next

    A lesbian couple, which managed to conquer the distance between Hawaii and UK, Whitney and Megan’s relationship has drawn nearly 41,000 subscribers on YouTube. And, they have a steadily growing following on Instagram and Twitter, as well. Their YouTube channel documents their love and life, including their adventurous travels.

    What do you think of these Lesbian accounts? Are there any accounts you swear by, which we’ve left out? Go ahead and comment below to let us know!

  • Women & Wanderlust – These Women Are Capturing the World on Instagram

    With Women’s Day coming up on Wednesday, March 8th, we have decided to dedicate this entire week to celebrating womanhood and recognizing women who are killing it in their field of work.

    Today we are profiling seven female travelers whose Instagram posts will make you want to drop everything, back your bags and explore the world. These amazing women have truly done an incredible job of letting their wanderlust take Instagram by storm. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and take a look! –

    Jennifer Mel Tuffen is a British travel blogger and content creator based in Turkey. The warm images she captures are simply stunning and joyous, which explains her enormous Instagram following of 2.7 million! All of the images she uploads have a positive and feel-good element, which surely we all could use throughout the week!

    Fashion meets scenic locations in Sweden on Elin Hansson’s Instagram account. And, with over 258,000 followers, clearly her charming uploads are resonating with Instagram users around the world. 

    London-based Amelia Liana is a vlogger, blogger and traveler currently exploring St. Petersburg. Her photos uncover the softer and happier side of traveling. With 352,000 followers on Instagram and over 456,000 followers on YouTube, she sure is doing excellent in the digital space.

    Dutch photographer and travel blogger, Jacintha Verdegaal is currently traveling in The Netherlands. She has nearly 24,000 people following her journey closely on Instagram. Her work showcases travel and food and has a slight old-world charm to it. There is an interesting undertone of isolation and emptiness, which comes across in a moving way throughout her uploads. 

    A travel writer and photographer, Neelima Vallangi has been capturing the many scenic facets of India. She recently quit her job as a software engineer, which must have taken a lot of courage. With over 31,000 followers on Instagram and her work featured in BBC, NatGeo Traveller, Mint, Indian Express and more, Neelima sure is doing well!

    Polish freelance photographer Magdalena Bagrianow has won the hearts of over 30,000 followers on Instagram with her gorgeous portraits. She has captured many faces in India. To say her work is powerful and mesmerizing would still be an understatement – her portraits showcase the beauty in rawness.

    California native Kiersten Rich sure is having a blast after having quit her job in the finance sector – she has visited over 50 countries since then, which is very inspiring! Life sure seems like one big scenic party on her Instagram feed, which is followed by over 344,000 people.

    Know of a female traveler who is gaining momentum on Instagram? Comment below and let us know. In the meantime, please excuse us while we go plan our next travel adventure!