Staying On Top of Web Design Trends

If you are just about to launch a new Website, or if if your current Website is in need of some major revamping, it would be a pretty good idea to begin familiarizing yourself with the latest Web design trends of 2017 to make sure your new (or, improved) Website does not look stale.


There are five key Web design trends, around the globe, which we have been noticing this year

1. Bold Typography

Bold is indeed beautiful. Since audiences have short attention spans and are constantly bombarded with beautiful images all the time, thanks to social media turning into a JPG fairyland, Web designers have noticed emphasis on bold and eye-catching typography is a necessity in retaining eyeballs.

2. GIFs and Animation 


Short animated clips, especially GIFs, have picked up popularity across all forms of digital marketing, and they are finding their way onto official Websites quite steadily this year. Why? Because it makes the presentation of information a lot more fun and engaging.

3. Minimalistic Design

There once was a time when more bells and whistles were the demand, but now, less is more. Web designers are focussing on minimalistic design, to maximize a user-friendly and visually-friendly experience. Websites are becoming a work of art, now.

4. Simple, Straightforward Copy


Hand-in-hand with minimalistic design also goes short and sweet copy that is clear, direct and simple to understand. As they say, it’s not what you say, it is HOW you say it that counts!

5. Modular Design 

More Websites are now opting for a modular design that keeps things on one page in different sections following a grid format. It makes it easier to access information in one go, and a modular design further helps with keeping things balanced and proportionate, visually speaking.

IMAGE COURTESY: OnExtraPixel.com

Within India, specifically, there are two major trends we have noticed this year –

1. Mobile Optimization & Prioritization 

As the population of Smart phone users continues to grow in India, Web designers have realized more people are viewing Websites on phones, instead of on desktops and laptops. Hence, mobile optimization has become a new and important priority when designing. Let us take a wild guess – you are reading this blog on your phone, aren’t you?

2. High-Quality Visual Content 


While many India-based Websites has mediocre design earlier, Web designers are stepping up their game. An increasing number of sites are focusing on high-quality visuals, both videos and photography. And, interestingly enough, most of these visuals are authentic, instead of the standard stock site rehashes.

We hope these pointers have helped you get a better picture of where things are at in the Web design space at the moment! For more information about all things Web design related, click here.

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