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  • Here’s Why Your Website Has No Traffic!

    So, you’ve built a Website and it has been up and running for a few weeks, perhaps even months. And, now you’re scratching your head. Why? Because you don’t have the slightest clue as to why you aren’t getting traffic. Does this scenario sound a bit too familiar? Here are four potential reasons you aren’t getting any traffic.

    1.Your Content Sucks

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    If your content is not good enough and the quality of your Website is mediocre, don’t expect much traffic. There are plenty of competitors who are taking time out to invest in high quality content, and they are going to beat you to the race. Also, poor quality content is not going to get shared on social media. There is a reason people say content is king. Get your act together.

    2. Your Website is Slow

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    People don’t have much patience. Everyone has a short attention span. So, a Website that takes forever to load is going to impact how much traffic you get. It is important to note that page speed is a huge ranking factor – users will only revisit your Website if it loads fast. Any Website that takes more than 4-5 seconds to load is going to result in people disappearing faster than imaginable.


    3. Your Website’s Design is Horrible

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    If your Website has a horrendous design, that means it probably isn’t user-friendly. So, how do you expect there to be any recurring users? The way your site looks, feels, and functions has a direct impact on how users engage with your site, and if they even feel like engaging with your site at all, actually.

    4. You Aren’t Even Bothering to Market

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    It is time for a much-needed reality check, my friend. Simply putting up a Website does not magically result in thousands of page views, even if your content is decent. Shocked? Until you get roughly 10,000 subscribers, spend as much time as you can to promote your site. If you can’t promote your own site, don’t expect others to do it for you. Remember how long it took to develop your Website? You should be spending even more than that amount of time on marketing. Be seen to be sold – that is the bottom-line.

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  • Importance of Investing in a Good Coder

    One thing we keep overhearing others talk about is how difficult it is to find the right coder – many people have nightmare stories they share. This is why we have decided to go ahead and explain why it is essential you take time and resources out to find a qualified and solid coder, rather than settle for someone mediocre who simply because they are easier on the wallet.

    Coding for beginners ? Don’t know why I like Python so much, but I do mostly all RPi stuff in it.

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    First of all, in case you are still confused about what a coder really is supposed to do, coders are specialists within an area of computer programming, whether it be computer programming, web developing and coding or software engineering. And, it is pretty difficult to find a good coder because – 1) It is difficult to find someone who will share your vision, especially if you aren’t good at communicating in technical terms 2) Coders are good at coding – they’d don’t quite understand businesses 3) A good coder can be costly 4) They often have a reputation of being lazy, looking for smart shortcuts to simplify things (which, is actually a good thing, if you look at it from a big picture perspective)

    CREDIT SOURCE AS: Image Courtesy: Entrepreneur.com Now, while it might be tempting to settle for a coder who doesn’t charge much and isn’t as experienced, a bad coder is going to have a lot of issues – It is important to invest time and resources to find the perfect coder, though they are difficult to get a hold of, because – 1) A good coder brings clear thinking and reasoning to the table 2) They help fix bugs on your Website very quickly by understanding problems and troubleshooting like a genie 3) Good coders are adaptable, self-learners and communicate properly

    Small hand of people can climb up on the mountain alone.. Those people are called legends, and you may passed by them today on the street without even knowing, well legends are n9t formed out of fears/running away from problems and else.. World wasn’t made for one person, it was made for billions!! It’s okay to ask for help aks elders ask those who have more expirience then you, even those with less cause they might have a problem fix for you, you’ll never know if you don’t ask.. Legends are formed cause they are curious, fearless, smart, and adviceable.. You mean cause somebody runs a million $ company that his is the smartest ? Not neccessarily, he might be but still he needs second opinipn on many things! So be free, dont run from problems FACE THEM! Once you do you can sleep like a baby, while you are avoiding them you will sleep with one eye open ❌ Be STRONG/SMART/FEARLESS Remember people SPREAD THE LOVE || KNOWLEDGE, You’ll be remembered for that! ??❤ A post shared by Young Coder (@young_coder_) on

    1) They won’t be able to communicate clearly with you
    2) They might not offer many inputs
    3) They may rush and ignore details – this could be quite disastrous if an essential piece of coding goes wrong on your Website, especially if you are an e-commerce portal or an interactive forum.

    Hence, if you have a coding intensive site, think twice before bringing a coder on board – vet them to make sure they really will get the job done and are someone you can establish a long-term professional relationship with.

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  • Top 5 One-Page Websites to Inspire You

    Let’s face it – we all have a short attention span. The “quickie” generation, we also equally love quick reads that are easy to skim through and absorb. Keeping this in mind, since the past few years, more and more Web designers are steering away from multi-page Websites to developing single-page / one-page Websites that offer an easy flow and fluid user experience – everything loads in one go, in one place and can be accessed through a simple scroll in one shot. Here are the top one-page Websites Kiss Doodles has spotted –

    Garrison Suppliers of Footwear


    UK based Garrison Suppliers of Footwear is, as the name mentions, a footwear design and supply company. Their Website takes a minimalistic approach, with bare minimum copy, an easy, quick flow and an emphasis on nice, large images ranging from color pics and black-and-white photos to sketches – all of us are a sucker for visuals, after all.

    Every Last Drop


    The British sure have a thing for innovation – UK based Every Last Drop is a very informative Website which educates audiences about how much we consume every day. The minute you land up on their page, after the moon transforms into Mr. Sun, as you scroll through the main character’s journey from day to night, you get to see side-by-side statistics regarding our consumption, whether it be showering and clothing to eating and traveling. At the very end of the journey, information about their film project and partners is accessible. In short – the user experience of Every Last Drop is smart, engaging and creative.

    We Shoot Bottles


    Who would have thought one could run a business of just photographing bottles? Looks like extreme specialization really is the new ‘in’ thing! This UK based company shoots bottles and their Website takes a unique approach of a left to right scroll rather than top to bottom, and we love it. The fun images of bottles, easy on the eyes color palette, minimal copy all puts together an engaging visual journey.

    Foxy Casino


    Wondering where the best casinos in Europe are located? Thinking of planning a crazy road trip? How about a casino hopping adventure through Europe? Foxy Casino’s single-page microsite showcases the best casinos in Europe through a fun journey from top to bottom of the page, with snapshots of each casino and a map on the right side of the screen, which illustrates how to plan this fun road trip – pretty neat!

    Vinyl Day


    Philippines based music festival, Vinyl Day, is a colorful, vibrant one-page Website which uses a simple and warm approach to take audiences through information about their music festival, bands performing, sponsors and more – we love how they took a cartoonish approach to showcasing all elements, including the artists, rather than using literal photos. If their festival was anything near as fun as their Website, then we are sure their audiences must have had a fabulous time!
    So, which of these five one-page websites did you like the most? Comment below and let us know. And, if there are any amazing single-page Websites you’ve spotted don’t forget to share them with us, too!